I am honored to be mentioned as a script competition semi- finalist for this great contest!! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I would advise all writers to enter this script competition!

Eddie Wellington

I just wanted to let you know that I've read the analysis of my script and it's possibly the most constructive feedback that I've ever received. It really shows that the person who supplied it put a lot of effort into reading the script and offering a thoughtful critique, with some great suggestions to improve the script. I'm really impressed. Thanks so much!

Lyndal Simpson

I am incredibly appreciative of this analysis especially the final notes for improvement of which I intend to address very soon.

Eddie Wellington

The Competition went smooth and every deadline was kept. I am amazed by the communication and excellence of the program. However, I could not rate hospitality, since I didn't attend the festival. Perhaps I'll be able to be there in person in the future.

Maria Lennon

Thank you so much for writing back. I honestly didn’t expect it, but this really puts my mind to rest since I spend a good amount putting my work out there and sometime wonder if it’s getting the attention that’s advertised. That’s why I chose you. You are a top contest venue for new writers. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Viola Timm

I truly enjoyed this festival! I felt like my story was truly read beginning to end and I'm very grateful for an amazing experience. It's very hard to find a honest and genuine contest in this climate, but I felt very comfortable with this one. I'm looking forward to 2020!

Kenneth Thomas

I had a good experience participating in this festival. I will definitely submit here again.

Ryan Reznick

I just entered your screenplay contest because I see judges who have already done what I want to do: sell a TV show. Thanks for the opportunity to show what I can do.

Kimberly Seasons

I took a chance on submitting my action movie script to you, and I’m blown away by how complete your coverage and notes are. I wasn’t expecting such a careful analysis, which was better than all the stuff I’ve learned taking any writing class. Once I get my script tuned up, I’ll be entering your screenplay contest!

Anthony Borrelo

I’ve entered other screenplay competitions before and found them to be run by amateurs. It’s a relief to find serious professionals who’ve actually been successful now willing to help a beginner like me.

Sharon McCurdy